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Our Creative Designs are based on the cabinetry that we represent. Not all cabinetry brands are created equal, nor do they do all offer the same customization and/or size options.

Once we have decided what cabinet style and features you are looking for, the design is created based on that choice. Selecting another brand of cabinetry after the design is completed, or partially completed, may result in some design ideas needing to be re-worked, or even removed, depending on the design.

But once TRS Designs has your project designed the way you want it, with the options you have selected, you will be ready to move forward with your project. At this point you can be sure that the design will be complete and accurate, and that you have decided on a design that will give you many years of enjoyment.

For TRS Designs, it doesn't stop there. Once you are a client of TRS Designs, you are always a client... for as long as you own the home that project took place in. If you ever have a problem with your cabinetry or any other product purchased from TRS Designs, we are just a phone call away. We will come out to see what the issue is and we will do everything in our power to resolve the issue for you as quickly and easily as possible.

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