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What tile goes best with this cabinet color? What is the best counter top material? Which is better, ceramic or natural stone? Do you like these cabinet pulls, or should I get knobs, or both?

The questions just keep on going... and TRS Designs can help you with your material choices and product selections. We have been doing this a long time and we have a pretty good feel for what works and what doesn't. There are not many wrong choices, but there are certainly a lot of bad ones, and while we won't ever stop you from picking something that you love, we will certainly give you our honest, experienced opinion, whether it is good or bad. But we back up those opinions with a valued explanation so you're able to make the best decision for you. 

This unchecked honesty is where the value lies in our Product & Material Selection Assistance. You do not get a salespersons "biased" opinion, or a friends "idea" of what perfect is. What you get is straight forward, objective thought to help you make your decisions.

The Benefits:

Overview of the Service

There are several ways this service can utilized. Fees for these services vary, please inquire.

1. You Go Shopping
You have selected your favorite products and material choices and have gathered them together. When we next meet, we will review what you have found and offer our honest opinions and advice. This is best for client's with lots of free time and/or client's with well defined ideas as to what they might like. We may also suggest some places you might want to go shopping.
2. We Go Shopping Together
Instead of having to return all of the samples and materials you may have had to buy, we go shopping together, looking at and discussing as many things as we can in the time we have allowed. Sometimes this takes several trips, sometimes we get done in just a few hours. This is suitable for clients with some free time, and/or client's with some or no idea of what they might like. (In our opinion, this is the best option because we get to see the largest selection of materials together)
3. We Go Shopping for You
Based on previous discussions and interests, we will go shopping for you, selecting materials that we believe are in line with your tastes and style. We will gather all of these materials together and bring them too you, as many times as necessary until you get what you want. This is the easiest for our busiest clients, but can sometimes take a long time if the client is having a difficult time making a selection based on what we have gathered. (We have in the past declined to offer this option based on job location, number of other active jobs or to meet project timelines)