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At TRS Designs, we place an extremely high level of importance on Creative Design and the Planning phase of the project. These projects are always a big investment in both time and money. This is why it is crucial to know exactly where the project is going from the start. We strongly encourage our clients to follow a very simple philosophy: Do it once and do it RIGHT! This means that you should get what you want and be confident in the decisions you are making. By having a very clear, well thought out and complete plan, you will be able to take your time to make the choices and decisions that are right for you while also avoiding last minute changes and the possibly surprising costs associated with those changes.

Why Creative Design?

What is Creative Design?

Creative Design is the ability to look at a space not for what it was, but for what it could be. It is about utilizing the space available to it best, while providing for both beauty and functionality. Creative Design can be very dramatic or completely unnoticeable, depending on the client's tastes and style choices , the client's home, and the way the space is used. The following are just a few examples of Creative Design

Focal Points
When you walk into your Kitchen, does something grab your attention? Anyone can line cabinets up on some walls, throw in some appliances and call it a kitchen, but do your guests say "WOW!" when they enter the room? By giving your kitchen a Focal Point, we add to it's functionality an item that draws the attention, and says "This is the heart of our home". It could be something dramatic, such as changing the height of the cabinetry over the range, or something as simple as lighting one area differently than another, or changing the color scheme to draw the eye to a particular spot.
Interesting Use of Dead Spaces
Every house is different and sometimes the use of a Counter-Depth Fridge is necessary to ensure clean lines and unobstructed walkways. But Counter-Depth Refrigerators are significantly more expensive than their Full-Depth cousins, and you are paying more for a smaller Fridge? That doesn't make sense to us. If your home allows, we can create a recess in the wall behind a Full-Depth Refrigerator and push the appliance into the wall space behind it giving it the look of a Counter-Depth, but with the cost savings and extra storage space of a Full-Depth.
Increased Functionality
Maybe you find that you and you family members get in each others way in the kitchen. What causes this to happen? Are you trying to prepare a meal, while someone is constantly reaching over or around you to get to the microwave? This is not only annoying, it's dangerous! So lets consider moving the microwave somewhere else, that is more convenient for everyone, maybe into the island or a tall cabinet far far away from your main cook center.
By looking at and examining the way you use your space, we can often increase it's functionality in a way you might not have thought of with out utilizing Creative Design. Sometimes this involves moving a feature or adding a feature, or features, to enhance the flow and/or functionality of the space.


Creative Design can always be incorporated and the while it may be different for each project, the end result is always the same; the client's project will always benefit in some way from the Creative Design process.