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The Diamond® philosophy is as inspired today as it was in 1970: Don't just think different; think smarter. The Diamond Logix™ system is the embodiment of this mindset. It's all about thinking about the way people want to live, then rethinking the cabinet get more out of every inch. More space. More accessibility. More flexibility. From designer inspired colors that are right for the times to innovative Logix organization solutions that put everything in the right place—the more you think about Diamond, the more unthinkable buying anything less becomes.






The Benefits

    - Custom finish quality at a Semi-custom price.

    - One of the only cabinets constructed with a solid back panel. Extremely Strong! Ask us about the KCMA test.

    - Logix Storage solutions. Diamond is the innovator in the industry.

    - Exclusive Toe Kick Drawer. Where other cabinet brand see floor, Diamond sees extra storage.

    - A great choice for anyone and any home!





To learn more about Diamond Cabinetry, please visit their website by clicking here.






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